People say that he is too old, and that he should retire only because he had a bad 2013, but honestly, if u were a true fan would u stop supporting just if ur player/team has an occasiolan bump? The answer is obviously no. Federer is unquestionably the GOAT simply because he is the most complete and perfect player. He has every shot in the book and then some more! His forehand is bygar the most potent shot ever seen in the history of tennis, his backhand is the most elegant on hander I have ever seen, his volleys are crisp clean and beautiful, and his serve may not be the fastest, but it can hit any spot in the service box making it unbelievably good when it is rolling. If there is one player that just represents this sport it would have to be federer, no question. The only chink in his armor is nadal, and that is simply because all of nadals strengths go to federers weak spots. If nadal was right handed, federer would be far more dominant over him. Also, the majority of the matches they have played have been on clay, nadals best surface. Many critics say that federer weakness is the fact that he could hardly ever win at clay, but i find this absurd. Federer could definetely win on clay, in fact he had a string of like 4 french open finals, its just that on clay nadals strengths are increased even more making it even tougher for federer to beat him. Finally, federer has the most grand slams, with 18 coming this wimbledon, so after all this I find it hilarious at how people say federer isnt the GOAT. The only situation where it would be fair to say nadal is better would be if nadal beat federers gs record(neva gonna happen!) and even if that happened i would still say that federer is better! FEDERER FOR LIFE!!!!!

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